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Welcome to Campfire Comps – Your Source for Outdoor Prizes!

🌟 About Us:
At Campfire Comps, we’re more than just a prize draw platform; we’re a family-run business fuelled by our passion for all things Camping and the Great Outdoors. Our mission is to bring the thrill of winning exciting prizes to your doorstep while creating a close-knit community of adventure enthusiasts.

💡 What We Offer:
For Camping and Outdoor enthusiasts alike, Campfire Comps is the ultimate destination. We curate top-notch prizes, from cutting-edge Camping Equipment to Outdoor Adventure Gear, to fuel your adventures and thrill seeking cravings.

👨‍👩‍👦 A Family Affair:
As a family-run business, we believe in trust, transparency, and treating every participant like a valued member of our extended family. Karl and Amy host the weekly Live Draws over on Facebook and, Emily and Sophie are behind the camera, doing all the backend related bits (although you might sometimes catch them on a Live)!
Your satisfaction and excitement are at the heart of what we do and as a family, camping and the great outdoors is a big part of our every day life.

🚀 Why Choose Us:
Since setting up in late 2022, we have strived to bring our community the best odds around. By limiting our tickets on each prize to the lowest amount we possibly can, whilst keeping prices low, we’ve had many of our players winning multiple times on one draw or every week!

🌐 Stay in the Loop:
For the latest updates, deals and offers, do subscribe to the newsletter, where we send discount codes and early bird prices ahead of each draw.

📧 Contact Us:
Have questions, suggestions, or just want to say Hi? Reach out to us anytime via the socials or via email and a member of our family will be delighted to assist you.

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